Jordan Williams, the Terps' star power forward for the last two seasons, was drafted 36th overall in the 2011 NBA Draft by the New Jersey Nets. This is a very good spot for J-Will who surprisingly left Maryland early after only his sophomore season of college basketball. The Nets are a team that has only one decent power forward ahead of Williams in the depth chart, Kris Humphries.

Williams will be the back-up power forward for an up-and-coming team in only his rookie season. He will get a ton of playing time and will be coached up very well by Avery Johnson. I don't see him becoming a star per se in the NBA, but he will become a very defensively-solid power forward in the NBA either as a starting or back-up power forward.

Jordan was the only Terp drafted in this year's festivities, but he's sure to make the school and the basketball team look proud in his NBA career.