Lebron James choked. That is what all the critics on ESPN, Fox Sports, Sports Illustrated and all the other critics are saying. However, how can a man that carried his team to the best record in the league be called a choker? Yes, a better, rejuvenated Celtics team out played his team and yes he had an atrocious Game 5 at home, but he also has to take unnecessary shots because of his lackluster supporting cast. It is possible to argue that Shaq is still a force, but his age has gotten the better of him. Antawn Jamison just did not show up in the series averaging almost 6 points less than his season average of 19 and only put up 9 in Game 5. Mo Williams is not the player that Lebron needs as a point guard, he is a streaky shooter that can light it up one night and the next night seem to be taking a nap on the court.

That being said Lebron had one bad game all series. In Game 6, Lebron did all that he could to keep his team from going home early. In the final game of the series Lebron had a triple double with 27 points, 10 assists, and 19 rebounds. The rest of his team had 7 assists and the only other player to play well was Mo Williams, who scored 22 points, but only 2 points in the second half. Lebron averaged almost 27 points in the six game series.

Everyone knew about James' problem with his elbow coming into the series. Maybe during Game 5 his elbow was hurting more than it had before and was hurting how he played. After the series, Danny Ferry made comments regarding Lebron James' elbow, saying that if they could have sat him, they would have.

Another reason for why the Cavaliers lost the series to the Celtics, Lebron simply just ran out of gas. Lebron, the league's MVP, led the Cavs to 61 wins and put the team on his shoulders to win the number one seed in the East.

The last reason for the loss, simply put, the Celtics were just the better team. With one of the best emerging point guards in Rajon Rondo and three established players in the league with Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce, the Cavaliers just didn't match up. The Celtics were getting good play off of the bench from role players Rasheed Wallace and Tony Allen compared to Anderson Varejao.

Lebron James did not choke in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. His team was simply not as good as their opponent. There is no other way to put it, if Lebron James wants to win a championship and stay in Cleveland, he will need to take a pay cut so that another superstar can be signed this offseason. Otherwise, he will have to sign with a team with a good basis. Many people are saying that Chicago is the best fit, but Joakim Noah is not the big man that can compliment James and Rose's games. Look for a surprise team like the Clippers, who have two veterans in Baron Davis and Chris Kaman and two young stars in Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon. However the deterrent in Los Angeles is another superstar, Kobe Bryant. Look for Lebron to overshadow the rest of the NBA Playoffs and the summer.